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LOGLINE Ouadane and Chinguetti have the oldest and most valuable libraries in Mauritania and the Arab world, of incalculable heritage and cultural value. Some of his books, older than the Koran itself, may contain secrets linking Atlantis to the structure of the Richat, near Ouadane.


SYNOPSIS Baba and Yoshef are two hustlers from Nouakchott who are commissioned to obtain wooden manuscripts that provide information about Atlantis to locate archaeological remains in the Richat. Librarians are offended at the mere possibility of trying to buy their cultural heritage inherited from generation to generation and decide to write a collective manifesto to avoid these situations in the future.

At the same time, Zaida, an expert local guide in the area, hired by foreign expeditions in search of archaeological remains and a former Théodore Monod expeditionary, bring us closer to the mysterious structure of the Richat, for many, the geological remains of Atlantis.


Produced by Ibizacinefest with the collaboration of the Proyecto Colibrí-Un Lápiz, Ouadane Foundation and Aretusa Films.

Duration: 85 '

Screenplay and Directed by Xavi Herrero.

Production team: Virginia González, Salima Alkhar, Aichetou Diallo, Jope Fernández, Ila Gambarelli and Xavi Herrero.

Sidi cuida de la biblioteca más importante de Ouadane y recoje toda información sobre Atlantis y el Richat.

Sidi o/Abidin Sidi                                                               Zaida m/Bilal                                                               Saif Al Islam


Babá Salama                                                                   Hassan Barakalá                                                          Dah o/Samba


Zahou m/erweïgil wa Erihba                                           Mamadou Moatalla                                                         Elide o/Brouk - Mohamed o/Ahmed Lebeid                                         

"Even if they offered me all the money in the world, I would sell the smallest part of our cultural heritage. It is invaluable. It is our heritage."

"The Richat is the geological remnant of Atlantis. They match in location, shape and size."

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